Hair Oil 60ml


  • A Specially Formulated Ayurvedic Oil.
  • An Ayurvedic Remedy For  Men & Women.
  • Can used for prevents hair falling,removes dandruff,encourages new hair growth,best remedy for scalp’s seborrhea also blackens hair and gives shine to hair.


Feature  Each 50 ml contains- Gunja 10 mg,amla8mg,nirgundi 2mg,bhrungraj 10mg, jatamassi 3mg, neem 2.5mg, gamvhaari 3mg, aprajita 2mg,shatavari 2.5mg, shakhpushpi 3.5 mg, brahmi 7mg, kapur 1mg, pudina 1mg.
Dosage Apply sufficient oil directly on scalp and massage gently.

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