Heart Care 100ml


  • A Specially Formulated Ayurvedic Syrup
  • An Ayurvedic Remedy For  Men & Women.
  • Can used as cardiac tonic,useful in palpitation & primary stage hypertention.
    Feature  Arjun ex 30mg,amla ex 10mg,yeshti madhuex 10mg,elaichi ex 5mg,ashwagandha ex 20mg,haritika ex 10 mg,shatawar 10mg,saunf ex 10 mg,giloya ex 5mg,bhringraj ex 10 mg,dashmoola ex 20mg,punarnava ex 10mg,gulab ex 5mg,taj ex 5mg,shakhpushpi ex 10mg,kesar ex 2mg,tulsi ex 10mg,sudha shilajit ex 20mg.jatamassi ex 10mg,jahar mohra 10mg,motha ex 5mg,shank bhasma 10mg,vacha ex 5mg,abhark bhasma 5mg,peepal ex 10mg,moti 5mg,ajvoin ex 10mg,akeek 5mg,sounth ex 10mg,10mg,lavang ex 10mg,malkagni ex 5mg,prawal 5mg,chandan ex 5mg.
    Dosage Two or four tea spoon ful twice a day or as directed by physician.

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